Who Is Francisco Lindor Wife And Car Collection 2022 And Buy New House - INFORMATION  

Who Is Francisco Lindor Wife And Car Collection 2022 And Buy New House

Francisco Lindor Wife Katia Reguero

Francisco Lindor Wife Is 28 years old. Katia, who was born on April 9, 1994,Katia Was brought up in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

francisco lindor wife
Francisco Lindor Wife

According to her husband Francisco, Katia Reguero is an accomplished musician. The Mets star bats woman demonstrated her violin skills to her Instagram followers.

Katia was born to Juan Reguero and Maria Luisa Inserni Milam, who are both of Puerto Rican descent. She grew up with her siblings, Janb Paul Reguero and Kika Reguero.

How Lindor And katIa Meet

“I sent her a message on Instagram. When her photo appeared, I said, “This girl is gorgeous!” Throughout the exclusive with Post, Lindor spoke the words with his trademark smirk on his face.

After three months of communication, the two finally got together in Arizona for his team’s spring training. After a few encounters, Katia started to like Lindor’s contagious nature, and the two came to the conclusion that they were meant to be together.

In December 2021, the podcaster and the Mets player got married after a year-long courtship. And Franciso provided specifics in an interview with the New York Post earlier this year.

Katia Reguero’s Loves Violin

True same everything in music music and in my house always music and joy and that is what I try right now a lot of love a lot of joy music so that he stays active and happy with the people well my wife plays the violin yes katia violinist what has already been believed with classical music then there are some more important things the house classical music.

but also salsa there are two who are with in music classic of culture we boricua reggaeton but we deal with the song sand it is prettier now there are many many songs more moved to little things that she can keep up with the rhythm that she can applaud that she can catch the pace well.

About Lindor Old Girlfriend Nilmarie Huertas

little about his personal life off it the people know. when it comes to exposing his personal life it is a great text story there are plenty of images of him in the game with his relatives or photos electrically linked to the sports world but not a trace of his new life

, however, there was a time when he was in a relationship with a woman with whom he dared to post photos on his social networks,she is neither Mario Vuelta nor Marie no She is foreign to the sports world since, in addition to having been in a relationship with the baseball player.

she is the sister of the basketball player from the bid return, it is also known that she was born on August 9, 1 991macao puerto rico and studied in florida she also studied education in english at the university of the carib bean and for awhile she was a teacher at the caladode bayam school in puerto rico Lindor and around the corner they are and I lie for more than three years she was accompanies games in a usual way.

Francisco Lindor Car Collection

Lindor was seen on social networks in what appears to be a sports car bmw m2 quite elegant and very nice white competition in which it has also been seen arriving at training this beauty can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in approximately 4 seconds and is valued at approximately 67 thousand but this is not That’s all because the indoor also has an extremely beautiful red Chevrolet Silverado and, above all, luxurious, it has a3.0-liter Duramax turbo diesel engine that.

according to the brand, will be able to deliver 253horsepower and a maximum torque of 1750 revolutions per minute this beauty is valued from 29 thousand800 dollars in addition to the interior also owns a ma black jeep wranger which he was seen on his ‘twitter’ account the jeep is the most famous off-road all time and it sexterior is sporty and elegant at the same time this beauty is valued from 47 thousand 500 dollars to66 thousand 200 dollars.


Francisco lindor House In New York

In professional career he has achieved many successes till date. Which brought him to the big leagues ranks as one of the best baseball players in the world. One of these successes was the shortstop’s trade to the Mets. The couple then moved to New York. We all know how difficult it is for a family to leave their home.

But Lindor and his wife know that this step must be taken to move forward. They got the help of Carlos Beltran and his wife Jessica to buy a house in an unknown city.
This house is big and luxurious. Total price of this house $2.9.it has 6,500 covered square feet and the guests of the indoor you can enjoy a great room with a fireplace a kitchen with almost 10-foot ceilings granite countertops and smart and ecological appliances the house has five bedrooms each with a different predominant color and six bathrooms.

it has a separate exercise room area shark and a master bath with an oversized shower jetted tub and dual vanities outside the living area has n a summer kitchen and a large covered terrace as well as a swimming pool, an ornamental fountain and a spa with a view of the water of the pool.


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