Following a tragedy that resulted from the passing of his first wife, Ingrid Willaims,Need monty williams new WIFE. Monty Williams married Lisa Keeth . Five children were born to Ingrid and Monty over their more than ten years of marriage, but a catastrophe caused them to be separated. He was seeking for emotional support after his wife Ingrid’s tragic death.

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Monty Williams And Lisa Keeth

During his stint in 2016 as a manager for the San Antonio Spurs, Monty must have met Lisa. Near the end of their relationship, the couple got married. Given that there hasn’t been any publicity about the couple’s nuptials, it is most likely that they wed quietly. Since then, Monty and Lisa have been dating, and Lisa must be assisting Monty in raising his children.

In addition, Lisa has a son from a prior relationship who is adored by her husband and stepchildren. With six children, Monty and Lisa are enjoying a wonderful life together.

Monty Williams not only has a lovely marriage, but he also has a fulfilling career.

Monty Williams New Wife Lisa Keeth

Monty Williams new wife Lisa Keeth, works as the San Antonio Spurs’ senior manager of relationship activation She was raised in San Antonio, Texas, and attended Thomas C. Clark High School there. Lisa Keeth, the spouse of Monty Williams, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree with a concentration in Marketing from Angelo State University.

Keeth was a member of the Angelo State Women’s Volleyball Team who completed her degree in 2002. She also received the 2002 Sportswoman of the Year award from the American Marketing Association at that time.

Although Monty is a basketball enthusiast and has a history in athletics, Lisa Keeth, Monty Williams’ better half, takes a different approach. She currently holds a position as a partnership activation for the Spurs of San Antonio. Keeth has spent her entire professional career working with the Spurs. Keeth has held a number of positions over the years, starting as a Partnership Suite Sales Associate and working her way up to her current position as Senior Manager of Partnership Activation. In the area she is working in, she has undoubtedly excelled. She unquestionably serves as a resource for the San Antonio Spurs.


About Monty Williams Old Wife Accident Report

At about 8:30, Lael’s phone started to ring. Faith called her sister on the phone. Lael’s face fell as Monty watched.

According to what the authorities have learned, Ingrid was driving the family’s SUV north on a four-lane highway in downtown Oklahoma City with Faith, who was 15 at the time, Janna, who was 13, and Micah.

Susannah Donaldson, a 52-year-old lady driving a sedan, came from the opposite side. Toxicology reports would reveal that Donaldson had consumed a significant amount of methamphetamine during the earlier hours. Police think she might have been holding a puppy on her lap as well. She was in the left lane and traveling faster than the 40 mph limit when she reached the 1400 block of South Western Avenue.

She veered Her automobile crossed the center line in order to avoid the car in front of her. The collision with Ingrid’s SUV occurred front-on. At the site, Donaldson and the dog perished. Family Williams was taken urgently to a hospital.

Local TV reporters grimaced as they stood by the road in the days that followed, observing the dark burn scars that stained the asphalt, the shower of glass, and the debris that was strewn by the side of the road. The newscasts featured images of Ingrid and Monty together,

as well as shots of her at a Thunder game with that recognizable smile frozen on her face. NBA players and coaches were the subjects of interviews. A correspondent cautioned that they were challenging to watch.
Monty clung to the idea that the kids were all alive and had not suffered any serious injuries. For some while it appeared like Ingrid may follow suit, but at the age of 44, she slipped away the following afternoon.

Family and friends arrived. The Ingrid’s parents left their San Antonio home and traveled through the night. Doc Rivers, the coach of the Clippers and a former player and teammate of Monty, rescheduled his vacation to fly in. Pastors from Portland and New Orleans showed up at Monty’s church.

His old mentor, Gregg Popovich, contacted him right away. Sam Presti, Avery Johnson, Charlie Ward, Billy Donovan, and Tim Duncan: They texted, called, and visited. Players from the Pelicans with whom he had a close relationship and who were in town to play

the Thunder came to the house to sit with him. Ayana Lawson, the Thunder’s director of player services and appearances, received so many floral deliveries that she eventually got in touch with local florists.Ingrid’s philanthropic causes were to receive the gifts, I told the florists. Even yet, Shaquille O’Neal was able to arrange for the delivery of a white orchid the size of a small tree.