Mystikal Rapper Pleads Not Guillty To Charges rape , Drugs and 2022 net worth right now - INFORMATION  

Mystikal Rapper Pleads Not Guillty To Charges rape , Drugs and 2022 net worth right now

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Mystikal rapper, a Grammy-nominated, entered a not guilty plea on Monday, September 19, to allegations that he had choked and raped a woman at his Louisiana home and had drug possession on his person.

Following the arraignment in Ascension Parish court in Gonzales, which is about 15 miles from Baton Rouge,the 51-year-old singer, whose real name is Michael Tyler, innocent of all charges,according to Joel pearce.

One of the charges is first-degree rape, a crime that automatically results in a life sentence.

The two indictments were read out in court, but Pearce claimed he has not been able to obtain copies of them.

He added that further charges include simple robbery, false imprisonment, domestic battery by strangling, simple criminal damage to property, possession of heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and Xanax, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia.

Pearce stated over the phone during his 250-mile (402-kilometer) journey from Gonzales to Shreveport, “My client doesn’t even consume drugs, so he has absolutely no idea what they were talking about.”

Bond may be discussed at a hearing on October 17, he added. According to Pearce, the prosecution intends to use Tyler’s 2003 guilty plea to sexual battery and extortion as proof of earlier crimes.

Tyler and his two bodyguards recorded themselves having sex with Tyler’s hairstylist on video. Sue Bernie, the prosecutor in that case, stated in 2003 that the woman told investigators Tyler accused her of stealing checks totaling $80,000 and threatened to not report him to the police if she did something “degrading.” According to Bernie, the woman denied swiping any cash.

Before Tyler was sentenced, a letter in the court files revealed that he had given the woman $350,000.

In the same year that he was nominated for two Grammy awards, he was convicted and sentenced to six years in prison. He was nominated for a Grammy in 2001 as well.

The criminal damage accusation against Tyler accuses him of severing the band of the woman’s Apple watch, however Pearce claimed he had no idea what the woman now accusing Tyler had supposedly been robbed of.

Prosecutors in northwest Louisiana dropped Tyler’s rape and kidnapping allegations in December 2020 while Pearce was Tyler’s attorney. Before being released on a $3 million bond, Tyler spent nearly 18 months in jail due to the 2017 charges.

People frequently claim that Tyler has been charged with rape three times, however in Baton Rouge, Tyler entered a guilty plea to a less serious felony, according to Pearce. And after a grand jury indicted him, they dropped the charges against him in Caddo Parish.

Mystikal Rapper singing carrier

The Mahalia Jackson Theater of the Performing Arts had a performance with Mystikal as the headlining act on Mardi Gras in 2010. Later, he dropped an unofficial single called “I Don’t Like You” and appeared on R&B singer Lloyd’s song “Set Me Free.” Other songs by Mystikal include “Feel Right,” which was recorded for Mark Ronson’s album “Uptown Special,” “Original,” his debut single for Cash Money Records, and “Papercuts,” which features Fiend and Lil Wayne. In 2016, Mystikal and rapper Lil Dicky appeared together on Trinidad James’ song “Just a Lil’ Thick (She Juicy).”

Mystikal Rapper Net Worth 2022

Mystikal Rapper and actor from the United States, is thought to be worth $2 million. Let’s Get Ready was the fourth album the artist released in 2000. It enjoyed tremendous commercial success. It is number one on the Billboard 200 chart. The best-ranked album was Mystikal solo effort. After its release, Mystikal album Mind of enjoyed significant economic success. Additionally, it topped a number of US Billboard charts. His first gold-certified album is this one. On this album, Mystikal Rapper made almost $80,000 in sales and marketing.



Michael Tyler was born to Marie Tyler on September 22nd, 1970 in New Orleans, Louisiana. When he was 7 years old, his father passed away. Michaelle and Maurice were both reared by his mother on her own.


He had aspirations of becoming a rapper since he was a little child, and as a result, he performed for RUN-DMC and DOUG E. FRESH at an outdoor concert at the Treme Center, catching the eye of big boy Records’ house producer, Leroy “precise” Edwards.
WHO provided him with a contract.