Rapper PnB Rock Shot In Robbery At Los Angeles Restaurant  

Rapper PnB Rock Fatally Shot In Robbery At Los Angeles Restaurant

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According to a source, rapper PnB Rock was shot and killed during a heist at a Los Angeles Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles on Monday.

Around 1:30 PM, the Philadelphia native was fatally shot. the Los Angeles Times claimed, citing law enforcement sources and the LAPD, that an incident occurred at the popular chain restaurant’s Inglewood location.

The guy demanded stuff from the victim while brandishing a gun inside the restaurant, Los Angeles police Capt. Kelly Muniz told the newspaper. The LA Times was informed by law enforcement sources that the rapper’s jewellery was the objective.

According to Muniz, “He shot the victim, went out the side door to a getaway car, and then escaped the parking lot.”

At 2 PM, the rapper was declared AT HOSPITAL deceased. The shooting suspect has not yet been identified.

After releasing his debut mixtape in 2014, the rapper signed with Atlantic Records the following year. A year later, “Fleek,” his breakthrough single, was released. Next came which sold more than 3 million copies and peaked at No. 51 on the Billboard Hot 100.

According to posts on their Instagram stories, Allen and Stephanie Sibounheuang spent Sunday at a wedding. His two little daughters, Zuri and Milan, are left behind.

2017 and 2019, he released two studio albums, “Catch These Vibes” and “TrapStar Turnt PopStar.” On September 2, he released “Luv Me Again,” his most recent song Artists like 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, and most recently Swae Lee have worked with him.
The rapper, who had just achieved independence as a musician, was quite pleased of himself and even mentioned it in his Instagram bio. Continue reading to discover more details about the rapper from Philadelphia.

4 Things To Know About The Rapper pnb rock

Favorite Food pnb rock

Beef tacos were a favourite food of PnB’s. He bragged to Fuse in December 2017 and said, “I always eat tacos,” adding that he always ate them in the studio. “I love beef tacos a lot. You can’t go wrong with the cheese, sour cream with the lettuce, and sauces, in my opinion. I must consume around 3,000 tacos. I could eat tacos for every meal of the day.

Pnb Rock Credits Drake As A Major Inspiration

PnB said that he had been a fan of Canadian rapper Drake since he was 8 years old and applauded him for creating a new genre of music in the same interview with Fuse. Who else was rapping and singing before him in my time? ” he inquired before announcing that he would soon be working with Drake on certain projects. He is quite excited about the two tracks I recently emailed him. He informed me that one of my tracks, a remix I made of French Montana and Swae Lee’s “Unforgettable,” was one of his favourites. He essentially stated, “I don’t know how you could make an already-a-hit, a super-super-hit,” the artist remembered.

PnB ROCK Favorite Song Was Super Personal To Him

In an interview with Fuse, PnB also said which song off his debut studio album, Catch These Vibes, was his favorite. The song, titled “Pressure,” is about managing his expanding professional and personal responsibilities. “You know, I recently lost my brother. “, he said. “My mom, my baby mama, and I were arguing about how I didn’t really have as much time to spend with people as I used to. Everyone believes that I am leading a wealthy lifestyle, you get what I mean? But I continue to manage the weight on my shoulders. PnB has two children, Milan and Zuri, with his girlfriend, Stephaine. This is what I was singing about.

PnB Rock Wanted To Be With Steph Forever

Despite the ups and downs of their relationship, PnB made it obvious that he wanted to live the rest of his life with Stephaine, the mother of his two children. He released a video compilation on Instagram that was made up of clips with her and the song “Angel Energy,” in which he rapped about his love for her. He referred to Stephanie as a “real life partner” who makes him “stronger, more spiritual, and smarter” in the caption of the Instagram post that was published on July 20. He also expressed his desire to be with her for “the rest of eternity.”